Our Story

Our Story

Our great-grandfather, Robert Young (R.Y.) Brown purchased the Keane dairy farm in 1939 as a place for R.Y. and his wife Dorothy to provide roots for their children, Betty Lou and Bob. Their family named the property Appleberry Farm for the apple orchard and the fields of blackberries that grew on the property. Many years later, Betty Lou and her husband Jim in turn raised their children at Appleberry Farm.

Four generations (and hundreds of animals, laughs, swims, parties, adventures, and multitudes of shenanigans) later, Betty Lou’s granddaughter Kate and her husband David bought the farm (pun intended) and, together with Kate’s sister Becky, are working to reinvigorate Appleberry Farm as a cut flower farm and magical place.

That’s R.Y. on the left, Betty Lou and Jim in the middle, and Jim’s mom Alice on the right.

Aerial views of the farm property taken in the early 1940s.

The old gate and view of the house from Zoar Road.